Sponge Marketing - PR, Marketing, Events, Influencer
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Marketing is said to be 50% guesswork…but not anymore!


In the digital age we can help you to make informed decisions based on detailed data and successful campaigns.


Creative, cost-effective ideas, cleverly executed across the most relevant channels – that’s what Sponge do! We deliver strategic marketing campaigns across a wide range of disciplines including; PR, Social Media, Events, Digital, Influence and Brand Partnerships. We design creative media kits to any scale and produced innovative merchandise for a variety of our clients.


Our PR team have worked across an array of successful campaigns and are passionate about finding unique solutions to briefs – whether that’s launching a new product, raising awareness for an existing brand or developing a strategic toolkit that can be rolled out simultaneously across multiple markets.


Our digital specialists deliver robust reputation management strategies, and build and maintain a strong presence across Social Media outlets. We work closely with in-house marketing teams to ensure that we are dovetailing with any brand activity to guarantee maximum amplification across all channels.


Our Events team love a challenge and have delivered some of the most creative experiential events in recent memory and they are constantly trying to outdo themselves. Whether it’s racing from Denver to Las Vegas in an old jalopy or trekking across the Arabian Desert in search of treasure, Sponge always provide an unforgettable experience.


Our Events are individually tailored to any audience including; media, consumer community events, retail sampling tours, team-building experiences, parties and corporate incentive activities.
Nothing is ever too big and no occasion deemed too small.


Our ever-growing hub of influencers throughout the world – including foodies, triathletes and travel junkies we place you at the heart of communities which will love you, and in turn spread the word in a natural but persuasive way – just how advertising should be.


This unique service we offer is only achieved through personal connections – relationships grown on bike circuits of Regent’s Park, during laps of the pool at 7am or whilst on the guest-list for London’s hottest new restaurant. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and making sure that you are too – keeping your brand current, coherent and appealing.

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