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Free2Cycle – The New Behavioural Change Initiative

Free2Cycle – The New Behavioural Change Initiative

In April 2017 Sponge was appointed by Free2Cycle to help promote the launch of their business nationwide, across the UK.

With a clear focus to grow the well-being and wealth of Great Britain, Free2Cycle is a behavioural change initiative that sets itself apart from other cycling business models. It’s aim is to dramatically increase the number of cyclists on the road by tapping into the 7 million people who don’t currently cycle to work but would benefit from doing so.

Free2Cycle launched with the aim to get 7 million new cyclists on the road. It provides a bike to employees (cyclists) that ends up paying for itself – employers (sponsors) contribute 20p per mile.

Sponge supported Free2Cycle during launch. Targeting both specialist and wider press/broadcast media, Sponge seeded the relevant messages to incentivise the initiative among employers, employees and the whole cycling community.

Objective: To support Free2Cycle during its launch phase helping to drive mass interest in the new initiative.

Solution: Months ahead of launch, Sponge targeted specialist cycling press and wider press with a series of press releases/material. Once Sponge secured coverage in the specialist cycling press to engage the cycling community , we started to target employers through HR press – seeding the incentives for employers. It arranged for a series of consumer-focused assets to be created, highlighting the key message – namely that with Free2Cycle employees get a completely free bike!

Results: In the run up to launch Sponge have placed Free2Ccyle on the map and raised brand awareness by securing a host of coverage in the national press including the Guardian; and specific cycling trade publications such as Cycling Industry News, Cycling World, Road CC, We Love Cycling and Cyclist. Sponge also secured a broadcast spot for Eric G. Craig, CEO, Free2Cycle with BBC News Worldwide which was broadcast live on 21st July 2017 as one of the world’s most iconic road cycling races, the Tour de France, was drawing to a grand finale in Paris.

Social media will continue to play a significant role in raising brand awareness and growing the Free2Cycle community. Sponge manage all social channels – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

In addition to PR and social, Sponge have crafted and delivered creative video concepts that bring the Free2Cycle brand to life.