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Real Agua Armaga

Real Agua Armaga

In December 2015, Sponge was approached by the Spanish boutique hotel Real Agua Amarga to increase its room bookings during the hotel’s off season.


  • Drive cycling tourism to increase occupancy in the low season

Solution: Sponge advised the hotel to focus on cyclists as its target audience to drive tourism during this time. From scouting the area, understanding the riding experience in the region and the demand for cyclists wanting to travel to warmer destinations during winter season, we approach Cyclist Magazine.


  • Front cover Cyclist Magazine (26,000 circulation)
  • 15-page ‘The Big Ride’ cover feature written by the editor who’s’ a keen cyclist, who referenced the hotel’s stunning views and the region’s incredible cycling terrain, in addition to hotel facilities such as the swimming pool to aid recovery, and ample secure bike storage/cleaning space – all of which make Real Agua Amarga the perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Cyclist magazine were so thrilled with the riding in the region and the hotel facilities that they white labelled the trip promoting a week’s cycling to Agua Amarga in the magazine as it’s annual riding holiday.